WordPress Themes Club

The Templatic Wordpress Themes Club membership is ideal for any WordPress developer and freelancer that needs access to a wide variety of Wordpress themes. This themes collection saves you hundreds of dollars and also gives you the fantastic deal of allowing you to install any of our themes on unlimited domains. You can see below…Read More

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus by Gilbert Shelton.

The three are warped in their own unique way the idiot, the street smart and the nerd, but they maintain common traits such as a love for consuming copious amounts of mind altering drugs (though, they turn their noses up at heroin), chasing loose hippie chicks, as well as scoffing at the idea of working…Read More

Movie Review Toy Story 3

When I noticed Toy Story was releasing its third installment, I was slightly confused, should this be embraced or not? Toy Story was PixarRead More

List and Heading Styles

Here is a sample post with list styles and headings. List Style: Parent Child Child Parent Parent <ul> <li>Parent <ul> <li>Child</li> <li>Child</li> </ul> </li> <li>Parent</li> <li>Parent</li> </ul> Bulleted List Style: <ol> <li>Parent <ol> <li>Child</li> <li>Child</li> </ol> </li> <li>Parent</li> <li>Parent</li> <li>Parent</li> </ol> Parent Child Child Parent Parent Parent Address Tag: John Smith 12 Westpremium Avenue Glasgow,…Read More

Get Whooping Discounts This Festive Season

Yes this is true. This festive season you can get massive discounts on our eBooks and Music albums. And that is not all. You can also get a free gift on purchasing a bundled pack of 5 books. What kind of art do you like? There are many opportunities to browse art within your community…Read More

Barnes And Noble Spotlight

It was a step by step process. I thought the first book was a one off. When they bought it as a series, I was surprised. And every time a publisher bought two more books, I knew I was there for that many more anyway. I started with the crime scene that is the start…Read More

NOOK Book Offers

With countless downloads of our recent Free Fridays title, Footsteps in the Dark, it is clear that Georgette Heyer is a huge hit with NOOK readers. For a great introduction to why the Queen of Regency Romances work is so often referred to as sparkling, you can not go wrong with these reader favorites. Venetia…Read More

Free Fridays

Todays Free Fridays selection, First, There Is a River by Kathy Steffen, is a complex novel that evokes the simple pleasure and frequent pain of early 1900s riverboat life. From the outside, Emma Perkins seems to have it all a hardworking farmer for a husband and a beautiful family. Yet, like many women in her…Read More

Interview of Ashwin Sanghi

My passion for reading was ignited when my maternal grandfather would bombard me with books that were far ahead of my time. He would insist that after reading every book I must write a letter detailing what I liked and what I did not. In the beginning, it was a tedious process but my imagination…Read More

Exclusive Interview with J K Rowling

An introduction with J K Rowling. Was there a particular person who inspired you to become a writer. Alan Quilter, to whom Only Time Will Tell is dedicated he was my English teacher at school. I enjoy writing short stories, although they have no connection with each other. I come up with stories inspired by…Read More